美妙睡房 Blissful Boudoirs

睡眠是生活中不可或缺的一部份。有研究指,人生三分之一的時間都花在睡眠上。既然人生有如此大量 的時間於睡房中度過,各位更應追求高質的睡眠,不應待薄自己。

Whether you’re back at the office or working from home, chances are you dream of a luxury retreat where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. And in today’s COVID reality, your bedroom is an obvious choice, forming an inner sanctuary where you can decompress. Today’s Living helps you transform your bedroom into a blissful boudoir, introducing you to the latest collections that will help capture that idyllic vibe.




大自然的恩賜是 Jane Churchill 最新面料系列的基礎。受自然界的生機和春季生長的朝氣所啟發,這系列中的紡織品具有俏皮、手工風格和充滿活力的感覺。(Altfield Interiors) || Nature’s bounty underpins the Spring 2021 collection of fabrics from Jane Churchill. Inspired by the richness of the natural world and the freshness of spring growth, the textiles in this collection have a playful, handcrafted and vibrant feel. (Altfield Interiors)




 Larsen 最新系列將有機抽象與日式風格的寧 靜融合在一起,更新了 Larsen Studio 令人難 忘 的 標 誌。該 系 列 中 的 單 品 是 向 Jack Lenor Larsen 的中世 紀 現 代 精 髓 致 敬。這 些 面 料 將 奢 華 紗 線 與 有 趣 且 創 新 的 編 織 技 術 相 結 合, 創 造 出 Larsen 廣 為 人 知 的 獨 特 紋 理 面 料。 (Altfield Interiors) || The new collection from Larsen blends organic abstraction with Japaneseinspired serenity in an expressive architectural collection that renews the Larsen Studio’s admired signature. The items in this collection celebrate Jack Lenor Larsen’s Mid-century Modern essence, whilst expanding its language and palette for a contemporary era. The fabrics combine luxurious yarns with interesting and innovative weaving techniques, creating the distinctive textural fabrics for which Larsen is known. (Altfield Interiors)




IDANÄS 特大雙人儲物床呈淡粉紅色,設計柔美。抽屜備有緩衝器,可緩緩關上,安靜無聲。另設有可調校床側板 的高度,配搭任何厚度的床褥亦可。售價:HKD4,690 ( 宜家家居 ) || Boasting a timeless design, traditional detailing and a sturdy construction, the IDANÄS bed frame from IKEA will be easy to love for years to come. Upholstered with pale pink fabric, the sloping headboard and soft padding make this bed frame extra comfortable. Classic button detailing and wooden legs are timeless, while soft-closing drawers under the bed add everyday storage. Price: HKD4,690 (IKEA)




 Luna 是一種大型圖案,是透過繪畫筆觸 突出圓形型態。這個主題的靈感來自無 限的圓圈,通常將它與明亮的滿月及其在 水中的倒影相提並論。這種牆紙以堅固、 永恆的設計營造出和諧的觀感。(Altfield Interiors) || Elegant yet understated, Innovations’ Luna wallcovering features a large-scale pattern characterised by a circular form that almost feels as if it has been delicately painted on by hand. The motif was inspired by the circle of infinity, which is often compared to the bright, full moon and its reflection on water. This Type II vinyl wallcovering creates a harmonious space with a strong, timeless design that is both elevated and durable. (Altfield Interiors)




SAVOIR Nº2 於 1905 年首次製造,著名的 2 號床褥 結合了天然材質與獨特的手工精製技術,床褥的厚 彈簧床座採用松木、螺旋彈簧與馬尾毛製成,不僅 承接您的重量,更讓床墊與薄墊發揮支撐力與舒適 性。SAVOIR HW 薄墊為睡床增添舒適。柔軟的床 墊助您感受雙腳被稍微墊高,促進血液循環,助您 更 易 入 睡。(Beyond Sleep) || First made in 1905, the SAVOIR Nº2 is a masterclass in craftsmanship, comfort and style. SAVOIR’s most famous mattress, the Nº2 marries natural materials with exceptional handcrafted details. The result is sublime comfort that’s been enjoyed by the great and the good for over 100 years. Meanwhile, the SAVOIR HW topper adds an essential final layer of comfort to your bed, improving circulation and quality of sleep. (Beyond Sleep)




來自瑞士的 DAUNY Sananeck® Deep 枕頭為頸部 提供有力支撐,採用高質素的鵝絨和高科技纖維填充,內置頸托,可因應需要拆除。特別為習慣 側睡人士設計。枕頭設計較扁平,適合女士或體 型較小的人士。售價:HKD4,000 (Beyond Sleep) || DAUNY’s Sananeck Deep Pillow is ergonomically designed, providing you with all-important support for your neck throughout the night. However, the integrated neck support can be removed if desired. A flatter version of the pillow is also available for people with a lighter build. Price: HKD4,000 (Beyond Sleep)




VISPRING Regal Superb 床褥擁有深層填充的柔軟 羊毛和雪特蘭羊毛,它不僅契合人的體形,更擁有 非一般舒適度與承托力。這 Prestige 床架配備硬 實木造框架,軟墊由椰殼纖維、英國羊毛混紡織 物 和棉花 構 成。(Beyond Sleep) || Vispring’s Regal Superb mattress boasts a core that perfectly mirrors the shape of your body to guarantee a soothing night’s sleep. The pronounced natural loft of its fine natural fillings results in a voluptuously deep surface that offers an ideal combination of springiness, softness and support. The Regal Superb Mattress is best when paired with the Prestige Divan, providing soft layers of wool and cotton with coir for a natural spring, all on top of a solid timber frame. (Beyond Sleep)




Arlington Bed 設計優雅,當您倚著寬廣而柔軟的床頭板而坐時,會感到無比的舒適及安穩,就像枕頭的 延伸,讓您睡個好覺。售價:HKD18,208 (Arlington Bed 不包床墊 ) , HKD2,919 (Rems 床罩 ) HKD729 (Rems 咕𠱸 ) HKD 5,769 (Bordeaux 床頭櫃 )(BoConcept) || Great support when sitting against the headboard and a soft landing make the Arlington bed an amazing addition to any bedroom. Just like the extension of a pillow, the soft headboard invites you in for a good night’s sleep. Price: HKD18,208 Arlington bed excluding mattress, HKD2,919 Rems bedspread, HKD729 Rems cushion, HKD5,769 Bordeaux night stand (BoConcept)




Austin 床設計沉穩大方,床頭板給予人安穩的感覺,讓您打造極具個人化的睡房天堂。售價:HKD24,346 (Austin 床,不 包 床 墊 ) HKD3,319 (Curious 座 地 燈 ) HKD2,259 ( 鏡 面 几 桌 ) (BoConcept) || Feel the warm embrace of the Austin bed each night, which seems to cocoon you in your own personal sanctuary. The headboard not only looks great, but it also defines your space and offers a comfortable place to rest. Choose your personal upholstery and create your bedroom haven. Price: HKD24,346 Austin bed excluding mattress, HKD3,319 Curious floor lamp, HKD2,259 Block mirror table (BoConcept)




 Coca-Cola 2021 寢具套裝採用彩柔紡物料之 100% 聚酯纖維物料,擁有最標誌性的可樂紅及潮感 CocaCola Patches,其物料使用的高速縫紉技術,令床品更抗皺耐用,輕易打造專屬的型格可樂睡房! (Casablanca) || Playful and bold, this Coca-Cola 2021 Bedding Set features the now iconic red tones of the world’s most famous soda, and is adorned with super cool Coca-Cola patches, making it perfect for any teenager’s room. Made from 100% polyester, the duvet cover is bright yet durable, ensuring the colours won’t fade in the wash. (Casablanca)




Casablanca 推出週 年 慶 復 刻 版 之 Toscana 1200 針長絨棉床品套裝,以意大利文化古城 Toscana 的葡萄酒、日落、紅瓦屋舍為靈感, 融入文藝復興時期建築及飾畫元素,重新演 繹意式品味設計;加上絨棉的自然光澤感, 和非凡柔軟的特點,讓您盡情沉醉意藝時尚 的 睡 眠 享 受。(Casablanca) || Casablanca recently launched the 28th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue Edition of Toscana’s 1200 Thread Count Long-Staple Cotton Bedding set, which was inspired by the classical decorative style of Tuscany and features shades of wine, sunsets, and red-tiled architecture. Made from longstaple cotton, the bedding displays a subtle lustrous sheen accompanied by extra softness and high wrinkle resistance property. The Reissue Edition bedding adds a hint of Italian romance to your room. (Casablanca)




CPRN Homood 的 Blue Moon 睡床由意大利製造,其柔和的線條和中性色調,帶出金屬元素和豐富的色彩觸感。該系列的設計可說是現代經典,傢具的工藝技術採新穎的手法處理,盡顯細節。(Décor Collection) || CPRN Homood is a new furniture brand from Italy that introduces game-changing statement pieces, that bring a luxurious twist to any interior space. The Blue Moon collection offers soft lines and neutral shades enriched by metallic elements and touches of colour. The design of each piece can be defined as a modern classic where they keyword is functionality and features only the highest quality of craftsmanship. (Décor Collection)




 Dominik bed 是 2021 年 的 最 新 設 計,糅合舒適與設計並重,極富時代 感。(Décor Collection) || Renowned Italian brand, the Conte Group has long been known for collaborating with well-known designers and architects in order to deliver a wide range of impeccable furnishings. This time round, the group turned to Enrico Cesana to create the new Dominick product line, which features a combination of wood and upholstery of the finest quality. (Décor Collection)




設計精美的 Odessa bed 配有獨特的床頭板和實木框架,是一件非常出色的傢具。適合放置 在現代睡房中,與 Odessa 床頭櫃配搭可說是天衣無縫。 售價:HKD19,000(DSL Furniture) || The beautifully designed Odessa bed features a unique headboard and a solid wooden frame, which ensures this is a standout piece of furniture that looks amazing in any contemporary bedroom. The bed pairs perfectly with the matching Odessa bedside tables. Price: HKD19,000 (DSL Furniture)




Odessa 床架提供舒適和時尚的感覺,配備舒適的軟墊床頭板和時尚的床架,再配 上不銹鋼腳,是完美睡房的象徵。售價: HKD18,000 (DSL Furniture) || Meanwhile, this Odessa bed frame provides comfort and style featuring a comfortable cushioned headboard and a sleek modern frame. The contemporary design has been finished off with stainless steel legs, making this the ideal centrepiece for any sophisticated bedroom. Price: HKD18,000 (DSL Furniture)




如果您想為睡房增添個性,這款現代風格的床頭 櫃非常適合您,櫃子的木飾面、大理石檯面、抽 屜儲物空間和金屬底座均是完美的配搭。售價: HKD5,000 (DSL Furniture) || And if you’re looking to add a sense of style to your bedroom, this contemporary bedside table from Odessa is perfect for you. Built with a wood veneer finish, marble top, drawer storage and metal base, this nightstand is the ideal addition to any modern bedroom. Price: HKD5,000 (DSL Furniture)




SILVERTISTEL 被套連枕袋備有白色或深灰色石供選擇,主要是棉及人造棉混紡布料,不但能吸收並帶走 濕氣,讓您整夜保持乾爽、舒適及恆溫。售價:HKD139.9 ( 宜家家居 ) || A soft, comfy duvet cover set in crisp white with a beautiful, embroidered border in dark grey and a flanged pillowcase, IKEA’s SILVERTISTEL bed linen introduces a luxurious feel inspired by a classic hotel look to your space. Price: HKD139.9 (IKEA)




淺橄欖綠色的 STOENSE 短毛地氈,其厚絨毛有助吸音,也能讓您的雙腳倍感溫暖舒適。它由 合成纖維製造,耐用防污,容易 打 理。售 價:HKD599 ( 宜 家 家 居 ) || The thick, soft-spun pile of IKEA’s STOENSE rug is all about comfort, combined with gentle colours and a light sheen that bring harmony to the room. And if you have a large space you want to soften up, you can simply place several rugs together – the thick pile conceals the edges beautifully. Price: HKD599 (IKEA)




PAX/BERGSBO 衣櫃組合是一個可利用 PAX 家居設計軟件,並按個人需要及喜好打造合適 PAX/KOMPLEMENT 衣櫃組合。 櫃腳可微調,能穩固放置在不平的地面上。門鉸備有緩衝器,使門緩緩地關上,安靜無聲。售價:HKD5,850 ( 宜家家居 ) || Available in a wide range of finishes and multiple configurations, the PAX wardrobe combination from IKEA is just as good looking on the outside as it is clever on the inside. Guaranteed to outlast years of outfits, you can choose freely from a wide range of clothes rails, baskets, drawers and pull-out trays that can be optimised with inserts to organise your space. Price: HKD5,850 (IKEA)




每一個甜夢 ® 獨立袋裝彈簧,都能順應您的身體作出調節,均勻支撐您的背部,舒減肌肉壓力。同時加入高效能軟墊及波紋綿層柔 墊,提升整張床褥的耐用與透氣程度,讓您每夜擁抱極致考究的柔順舒適。貼心的單面設計,無需定期翻動床褥,令保養輕鬆簡易。 售價:HKD14,000 – 28,200 ( 蓆夢思床褥傢具 ( 香港 ) 有限公司 )。蓆夢思現推出消費券加碼優惠,詳情請參考 P.112。|| Beautyrest’s independent pocketed coil technology adjusts to your body, providing even support for your back and relieving muscle pressure as you sleep. In addition, the mattress features high-performance soft foam and corrugated cotton cushions that enhance durability and breathability, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate comfort every night. And finally, the intimate single-sided design eliminates the need to flip the mattress regularly, making maintenance nice and easy. Price: HKD14,000-28,200 (Simmons Bedding & Furniture (HK) Limited)




André Fu Living 帶來由建築師傅厚民打造的「Art Deco Garden」系列,以現代手法巧妙結合京都寧靜的襌意庭院與解 構裝飾藝術圖案,演繹奢華簡約主義。傅厚民亦與英國牆紙工作室 de Gournay 攜手打造令人眼前一亮的傢具及牆飾, 並與 Lora Piana 共同研發從日本風景取材的布料,用以製作扶手椅及餐椅。售價:HKD78,000 ( 高櫃 ), HKD122,800 ( 屏 風 )( 連卡佛 ) || André Fu Living leans into luxurious essentialism with the architect’s Art Deco Garden collection, which combines the serenity of Kyoto Zen gardens with deconstructed art deco patterns, all executed with a contemporary spirit. The collection also sees Fu collaborating with British wallcovering studio de Gournay to create surprising cabinetry and panels, and with Lora Piana on Japanese landscape-inspired fabrics, upholstered in armchairs and dining chairs. Price: HKD78,000 high cabinet, HKD122,800 screen (Lane Crawford)




Frette 為 500 多個皇室王朝的睡眠做出了貢獻。這款 Glowing Weave 羽絨被套裝採用發光的編織物料,外觀奢華。這套睡房 必需品採用優質棉絲混紡面料製成,觸感舒緩,是睡個好覺的 關 鍵。HKD38,500 ( 連 卡 佛 ) || Having contributed to the sound slumber of over 500 royal dynasties, Frette pampers you with this Glowing Weave duvet set, featuring a luminescent woven façade for a luxurious appearance. Crafted from a premium cotton-silk blend for a soothing touch, this set of bedroom essentials is the key to a good night’s sleep. Price: HKD38,500 (Lane Crawford)




丹麥新晉設計組合 Space Copenhagen 設 計的 Meadow 檯燈由實心石材、玻璃和黃銅 製成,令人聯想到夏末美麗的草場,堅固的 石灰石底座賦予設計平靜、有機及樸素的外 觀,令它既是檯燈也是一座雕塑擺設。售價: HKD5,400 (Manks) || Reminiscent of a lovely meadow in late summer, Meadow by Danish design duo Space Copenhagen is both a table lamp and a sculpture with a solid limestone base, which renders it visually and technically static while creating an organic, unassuming look. Made from solid stone, glass and brass, Meadow is a table lamp that balances materiality with light. Price: HKD5,400 (Manks)




Jiazhuang 梳妝檯由中國當代最佳新晉設計師之一的李希米設計,「嫁妝」代表著對未來的希冀與祝福,同時也是一款節省空間的梳妝檯,可以為你的睡房帶來復古和傳統的元素。售價:HKD39,080 (Manks) || Designed by Ximi Li, one of the top contemporary designers from China, Jiazhuang – the hope and blessing for the future – is a space-saving dressing table that added a traditional element to your bedroom. Price: HKD39,080 (Manks)




BPS Tambour 捲簾門床頭櫃由丹麥製造,是一款可安裝在牆上、能最大程度利用牆上空間的實木設計,特別適合香港住宅使用。這款實用的睡房設計可用於儲物,也可放置燈或鬧鐘。售價: HKD9,820 (Manks) || The Tambour Front Nightstand made in Denmark is a floating bedside table made from solid wood, which is simply attached to your wall, maximising your use of space. Featuring an almost retro sliding panel door, this piece is great for storage or decoration. Price: HKD9,820 (Manks)




MURPHY 床擁有弧形床背,極具現代風格,突顯戶主的時尚品味。如配用 優質床褥,不論日月輪替也可舒適入睡。 售 價:HKD30,000 (Queen Size) HKD36,100 (King Size) (OVO) || The MURPHY bed with curved backrest is very modern, highlighting your fashion taste. Equipped with a high-quality mattress, you can sleep comfortably regardless of the rotation of the sun and the moon. Price: HKD30,000 Queen, HKD36,100 King (OVO)




T series 48 吋三門三櫃桶衣櫃飾以白胡桃色及卡其色,採用 E0 極低甲醛板材飾板,安全可靠。實惠獨家顏色有白胡桃色配卡其色,以及申橡色配卡其色。 售價:HKD6,199 ( 實惠家居 ) || Blessed with an elegant and understated profile, the T series wardrobe features two slender cupboards and three drawers, making it perfect for small spaces. The wardrobe is available in two choices of colour: white walnut with khaki or Shen oak with khaki. Price: HKD6,199 (Pricerite)




由澳洲墨爾本大學、皇家墨爾本醫院聯合成立的傳染、免疫及分子病毒學研究院 The Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity 研 究 證 實,DPM AMIC 輕 柔 羽 絲 單 人 被 布 料 對 (COVID-19) 具殺滅病毒活性的功能,它採用精梳棉,柔軟耐用及 舒適親膚。售價:HKD259 ( 優惠價至 2021 年 12 月 31 日 ) ( 實 惠家居 ) || The Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity, jointly established by the University of Melbourne and Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia, has confirmed this fabric has virus-killing properties proven to protect against COVID-19. Made from soft and durable cotton, the filling is made superfine fibres for added comfort. Price: HKD259 Promotional price until 31 Dec 2021 (Pricerite)




隨意骰WA1趟門衣櫃採用E1低甲醛板材,具承托佳、不易變形的優點,適合香港潮濕環境。備有三款面板顏色選擇,包括︰啡色木紋、灰色木紋、白色木紋。售價:HKD7,599 ( 實 惠 家 居 ) || Meanwhile, the SPACECUBE WA1 wardrobe has been designed to blend in to even the smallest of spaces and is made from an E1 low-formaldehyde sheet, which makes it perfect for Hong Kong’s humid environment. This wardrobe is available with three choices of façade: brown wood grain, grey wood grain and white wood grain. Price: HKD7,599 (Pricerite)




Eijffinger 品牌著重產品的品質,設計美觀、時尚且跟貼潮流,款式 風格包羅萬有。以 Baretti 面料為例,它的幾何圖案很精美,為空 間帶來靜謐的感覺,備有八種顏色可供選擇。(Tat Ming Wallpaper) || Founded in 1875, Eijffinger designs and develops an extensive range of curtain and upholstery fabrics, wallpapers, smartpaper, vinyl wallcovering and combined wallpaper/interior fabrics, all from their own studio. The geometric pattern of the Baretti fabric is small, so it attracts attention in a quiet way, while the diversity of the eight available colours makes it suitable for multiple interior styles. (Tat Ming Wallpaper)




Makalu 是一種引人注目的織物,具有堅固的外觀。這 種落地式織物備有獨特的風采。(Tat Ming Wallpaper) || Also from Eijffinger, Makalu is a striking in-between fabric with a robust appearance. This floor-to-ceiling fabric has an open weave character, making it advisable to allow the material to simply drape across the floor, adding style and grace. Available in 12 colours. (Tat Ming Wallpaper)


輕如鵝毛Eos燈飾從北歐風景的大地色調中汲取靈感。這些獨特的燈罩取材於天然鵝毛,散發柔和溫暖的光線,令室內富有精緻優雅的觸感。Eos是一種柔性燈罩,可用作地燈、檯燈或吊燈。(TM Maison) || Eos draws its force and mesmerising beauty from the earth tones of the Nordic landscape. Made from all-natural goose feathers, these unique lampshades give a soft, warm light and add a sophisticated and elegant touch to any interior. Eos is a flexible lampshade that can be used as either a floor, table or pendant lamp. The lamp is available in six sizes and six colours. (TM Maison)


充電良方 Audacious 邊桌適合作為酒店房間的床頭櫃或 梳化旁邊。桌子是一個隱藏的 USB 集線器,帶 有四個 USB 插座和一個微型 USB,因此家庭 成員可以充一起把手機和平板電腦同時充電。 邊桌為您的小物提供儲存空間。(TM Maison) || Showcasing a cylindrical design and an elegant wood finish, the Audacious side table works beautifully as a nightstand next to your bed. Smart as well as stylish, the table houses a hidden USBhub with four outlets and a micro-USB so the entire family can charge their phones and tablets at the same time. Perfect for stashing bits and bobs, the inside shelf features a cutaway section for taller items such as books and magazines. (TM Maison)


猶如藝術品靈感來自大自然,Silvia 燈飾投射出溫暖而無眩光的光線, 使它成為藝術作品般照亮家中的角落。Silvia 燈飾有迷你和中號可供選擇,備有白色、銅色、鋼質和拉絲色黃銅版。可用作吊燈、座地燈或檯燈,無論從任何角度都看不到燈泡。 (TM Maison) || Inspired by nature and featuring characteristic organic, triangular shaped blades, the Silvia lamp casts a warm and glare-free ambient light while also adding an artistic vibe to your home. The stylish metallic colour confers a glamourous edge to the design and tells a story of authenticity and timelessness. Available in a mini and medium size, the Silvia lamp comes in a white, copper, steel and brushed brass version. (TM Maison)


優雅輕盈 VENICE 小梳妝檯由 Morten Georgsen 設計,其啞光銀色飾 面確保它看起來優雅輕盈。售價:HKD7,980 (Tequila Kola) || Ideal for small spaces thanks to its reflective design, this chest of drawers by Morten Georgsen is sleek and sophisticated. However, the matt, silvery finish of small dresser ensures it looks graceful and light, creating the illusion of space in your room. Price: HKD7,980 (Tequila Kola)


瑰麗大方 高 櫃由實 心 芒 果 木 製 成,櫃面帶有金色雕刻的東方裝飾、黃銅色鋼腿和四個擱板,帶出瑰麗感覺。售價: HKD26,980 (Tequila Kola) || Offering a contemporary take on a more traditional Asian style, the MUSKAT wardrobe is made from solid mango wood and features engraved, golden oriental decorations, brass-coloured steel legs and four shelves. Price: HKD26,980 (Tequila Kola)




Georg Mirror 設計靈感來自北歐的感性與 日本簡約主義之間。框架由兩根木桿組成, 您可以用它來掛包、帽子或圍巾等。售價:HKD4,660 (Establo) || The Georg Mirror by Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm leans comfortably up against the wall, like an inspirational meeting between Nordic sensuality and Japanese minimalism. The frame consists of two wooden poles that can also be used to hang your bags, hats, scarfs and so forth. Price: from HKD4,660 (Establo)




 Gravity 壁 燈 設 計 低 調 優 雅,其 簡 約 清 麗的 造型帶出低調的韻味,非常適合作為床頭燈 或 在 酒 店 的 休 息 區 旁 邊。 售 價:HKD4,130 (Establo) || Blending understated elegance and clean functionality in its own succinct and simple way, the Gravity Wall Lamp gives an ambient and subtle light display, making it perfectly suited to life as a bedside lamp. Price: from HKD4,130 (Establo)