嚴選客廳傢具新品 Lounging About

客廳是用作招待賓客、看電視、聽音樂及聊天等等,它是家庭活動的中心。為了滿足以上功能,客廳傢具少 不了梳化、茶几、電視櫃及裝飾品陳列櫃等。要在一個空間內容納以上的傢具,設計時應注意環境空間的比 例與安排,突出重點設計部分,然後考慮色彩、風格、燈光的搭配以及其他點綴,才能營造出一個稱心的休 閒空間。When it comes to your home, the living room perhaps provides you with the greatest opportunity to showcase your true personality and unique sense of style. One of the few rooms likely to receive visitors, the space can easily be adapted to speak to your character through your choice of sofas, tables, curtains and art. However, this space also needs to feel comfortable so you can enjoy quiet time at home. Today’s Living narrows down the choices of furniture and fabrics available on the market today.




 Larsen 最新系列將有機抽象與日本風格的寧靜融 合在一起,該系列的單品向 Jack Lenor Larsen 的 中世紀現代精髓致敬,同時擴展了當代的語言和色 彩。這些面料將奢華紗線和有趣且創新的編織技術 結合,創造出 Larsen 廣為人知的獨特紋理面料。 (Altfield Interiors) || The new collection from Larsen blends organic abstraction with Japanese-inspired serenity in an expressive architectural collection that renews the Larsen Studio’s admired signature. The collections celebrates Jack Lenor Larsen’s mid-century modern essence, while expanding its language and palette for a contemporary era. The fabrics combine luxurious yarns with interesting and innovative weaving techniques, creating the distinctive textural fabrics for which Larsen is well known. (Altfield Interiors)




Pollack 2021 年春季的最新系列共有 28 種 設計,以典型的 Pollack 方式展示幾何圖 形:大膽的幾何圖形平衡簡約的顏色,反 之亦然,提供各種既令人興奮又非常實用 的設計。該系列包含適用於室內或室外、 室 內 裝 潢 以 及 窗 簾 應 用的 織 物。(Altfield Interiors) || Pollack’s latest collection for Spring 2021 features a total of 28 designs that showcase geometry in a quintessentially Pollack way. Bold geometry balances simplified colour, and vice versa, to offer a variety of designs that are both exciting and extremely usable. The Well Spun Collection contains fabrics that are suited to indoor, outdoor, high performance and upholstery, as well as drapery applications. (Altfield Interiors)




來自 PIERRE FREY 的 VIBRATIONS 紡織品系列以非凡的能量探索簡約主義和豐富的圖案表達。從包豪斯到今天, 這種圖像語言是基於二維空間中幾何形式的表現和組合。不同技術(刺繡、編織或印刷)的選擇、明亮的調色 板以及對天然材料的偏愛,使該系列以愉悅的色調散發活力。(Altfield Interiors) || With an extraordinary energy, the VIBRATIONS textile collection from Pierre Frey explores graphic expressions that are both minimalist and exuberant. From Bauhaus to kinetic art to the present day, this pictorial language is based on the representation and combination of geometric forms in a two-dimensional space. The choice of different techniques (embroidery, weaving or printing), the bright colour palette, and the preference for natural materials allow this collection to vibrate in a joyful tone. (Altfield Interiors)




躺臥式梳化,面料是LAZIO,具有毛圈織物的外觀,特點是外觀厚重且結構獨特。它是一種令人難以觸摸的面料,具有豐富的柔軟度,棉羊毛混紡面料由意大利傳統面料品牌Mario Sirtori設計。配搭Eden腳凳、Cord攬枕及Velvet rough攬枕更添品味。售價︰HKD22,143 (Amsterdam 躺 臥 式 梳 化 ) (BoConcept) || Also available from BoConcept, the Amsterdam sofa is made from LAZIO, which has the appearance of a boucle fabric, characterised by its heavy look and uneven structure. Designed by heritage Italian fabric house, Mario Sirtori, the fabric unfolds new stories as you interact with it. Get close and examine the intricate structure and its mixed colour palette. Step away and be mesmerised by its interplay with light and shadow. It’s a fabric that begs to be touched, delivering a rich softness and drape that lends beauty to any form. Price: Amsterdam sofa HKD22,143; Eden footstool HKD3,170; Cord cushion HKD369; Velvet rough cushion HKD759 (BoConcept)




 Indivi 梳化連圓形躺臥組合,面料 NAPOLI 是專為 BoConcept 開發的燈芯絨天鵝絨面料。它是一種由扭曲纖維組成的機織織物, 在編織時平行排列,以形成像繩索一樣的獨特圖案。NAPOLI 具有柔軟宜人的手感,富有復古元素的外觀。配搭 Charlotte 扶手椅、 Madrid 茶几、Eden 腳凳、Bermuda 腳凳和 Aquarel 地毯別有一番時尚風味。售價︰ HKD48,015 (Indivi 梳化連圓形躺臥組合 ) (BoConcept) || This sleek and sophisticated range of furniture ad furnishings is made from NAPOLI, a corduroy velvet fabric developed exclusively for BoConcept. This woven fabric is composed of twisted fibres that lie parallel in order to form a distinct pattern, almost like a corduroy. The fabric looks as if it is made from multiple cords stitched together, and features a soft and pleasant hand feel with a vintage look with a very modern appeal. Price: Indivi sofa with round resting unit HKD48,015; Charlotte chair HKD13,280; Madrid coffee table HKD9,899; Eden footstool HKD3,170; Bermuda footstool HKD7,358; Aquarel rug HKD18,490 (BoConcept)




CHALCOT GARDENS 圖案窗簾以建築師 CFA Boise 的名字命名,他於 1898 年設計了工藝美術風格的 16 號特許 花園,可以搭配以夏科特花園中盛開的鬱金香為靈感的可愛薄紗。物料可家用機洗,由日本製造。( 天地裝飾材 料有限公司 ) || The pattern on these stunning drapes was inspired by renowned architect CFA, one of the world’s finest exponents of the Arts and Crafts style. Featuring an effortless grace and an understated opulence, the curtains were named after the artist’s studio at 16 Chalcot Gardens, which was designed by CFA in 1898. Thanks to their neutral tones and delicate demeanour, these curtains positively invite the natural sunlight inside your home. Flame retardant and machine washable, they are also practical, featuring a shading rate of SD5. (Dandy Interior Products Ltd.)




DIAMOND CUT 圖案的布藝具有醒目 的菱形圖案和天鵝絨般的現代面料, 設計讓人想起倫敦珠寶店內切割美 麗的鑽石款式,充滿華貴氣度。物料 具有 NIF 遮光性能,且可家用機洗, 出產自印度。( 天地裝飾材料有限公 司 ) || Featuring an impossibly elegant, almost colonial style, these cushions are guaranteed to up the elegance factor in any home. Made from a modern fabric with a combination of striking diamond patterns and velvety lattices, the design is reminiscent of a perfectly cut diamond. Machine washable. (Dandy Interior Products Ltd.)




Arena 咖啡桌的設計師是 Yasuhiro Shito,桌子百分百由意大利製造,採用黑色壓紋漆鋼底座和拉絲青銅或拉絲灰色 漆鋼桌面。在 BOND 和 DOUBLE BOND 設計版本中,主咖啡桌旁邊是一張或兩張咖啡桌,底座為黑色壓紋漆鋼,立柱 為拉絲青銅或拉絲灰色漆鋼,彰顯華貴美感。售價︰ HKD42,050 (Décor Collection) || Designed by Yasuhiro Shito, the Arena Bond coffee table from Cattelan italia easily incorporates into your existing modern interior, bringing an elegant style to the area. The geometrically-inspired structure features a central metal top with one or two upper swivelling glass tops that move smoothly. With contrasting finishes, it creates a vibrant juxtaposition for a complementary touch. Because of the timeless style, you can pair it with an array of modern sofas, sectionals, armchairs, and end tables. Quality construction ensures that the coffee table will be around for the long haul. Price: HKD42,050 (Décor Collection)




Boutique Alta 餐具櫃由 Alberto Danese 設計,櫃子 百分百由意大利製造,框架和支腳採用黑色壓花漆 鋼,門和側面採用煙熏玻璃製成,帶有黑色彩繪玻璃 條紋。頂部和底部採用黑色磨砂玻璃,內部背面覆蓋 柔軟皮革及煙熏玻璃的擱板,輔以 LED 燈更添美態。 售價︰ HKD61,800 (Décor Collection) || Display your fine china and glassware in an elegant fashion with the help of the Boutique Alta cupboard by Cattelan Italia. Designed by Alberto Danese, the simple, rectangular structure features sophisticated tufted stitching inside the three-shelf interior that creates a textured diamond pattern. With interior lighting, it highlights all of the contents and makes it stand out in style. Each shelf level is sturdy and durable, holding items with ease, and the spacious top offers more decor opportunities. Thanks to fine, Italian craftsmanship and the use of the best materials, this cupboard will be part of your modern dining room decor for years to come. Price: HKD61,800 (Décor Collection)




GISMO 梳化出自德國 KOINOR 品牌,擁有流暢柔和的線條,傳達了舒適無比的感覺。醒目的接縫飾面突出 了外部透明形狀。梳化的扶手與靠背和諧地融合。儘管外形硬朗,但銀色梳化腳賦予梳化輕省之感。售價︰ HKD36,800 (Décor Collection) || Launched by German brand KOINOR, the design language of GISMO conveys comfortable seating thanks to its flowing soft lines and compact character. A striking seam finish emphasizes the outer clear forms. On the outer sides, the seat rises to implied armrests that blend harmoniously into the back. The filigree wire frame gives the sofa a slightly floating character despite its compact form. Price: HKD36,800 (Décor Collection)




 Odessa sofa 這款設計精美的現代梳化配有貴妃椅,是現代家居的完美配套。梳化配有舒適的 靠墊和時尚的金屬飾邊,搭配 Odessa 扶手椅和咖啡桌時特別富品味。售價︰ HKD20,000 (DSL Furniture) || This beautifully designed contemporary sofa with chaise is the perfect addition to any modern home. Built with comfortable cushions and a stylish metal trim, the couch looks especially beautiful when combined with the Odessa armchairs and coffee table. Price from HKD20,000 (DSL Furniture)




In Situ 梳化由 Anderssen & Voll 設計,是 一款碩大而帶有雕塑線條的模塊化設計, 客人可根據個人空間需要和喜好度身訂 造。它的模塊化元素隱藏在微妙的細節, 搭配着深度舒適和柔軟的座椅。客人可選 擇 30 種預先配置好的任何一種,或使用 9 個不同的座位創建適合自己的座位模塊 和 2 個靠墊。售價︰ HKD33,770 (Establo) || Boasting a grand, modular design with sculptural lines that can be tailored to your individual space and taste, this sofa features modular elements hidden through subtle detailing of its front profile, paired with deep comfort and a soft seat. Choose from any of the 30 predesigned configurations or create your own using the nine different seating modules and two loose cushions. Price from HKD33,770 (Establo)




 Zoe Kubb 地毯由 Daria Zinovatnaya 設計,該系列是由兩個高度不一的地毯組成,表達了形式和顏色對創作者的重要性。 KUBB 是兩種地毯之組成集合,並透過豐富的色彩和精巧的手工結集而成,時尚感十足。售價︰ HKD 41,010 (Establo) || Designed by Daria Zinovatnaya, this collection is made up of two highly visual rugs that express the importance of form and colour and clearly articulate its key references: Russian supremacism and the Bauhaus. KUBB is one of the two rugs that make up the collection, and was made by means of laborious hand knotting, which allows for a great profusion of details and a fluffy, warm finish. Price from HKD41,010 (Establo)




 LYCKSELE LÖVÅS 單座位梳化床置 有堅實的泡膠床褥,適合每晚使用; 小巧的單座位梳化床,可容易變成 一張單人床;床褥套可除下乾洗, 方 便 清 潔;備 有 多 款 布 套 以 供 選 擇;三款不同床褥及多款椅套以供 選擇,讓您輕易組合出合適的梳化 床。售價︰ HKD1,250 ( 宜家家居 ) || The LYCKSELE chair quickly and easily transforms into a bed for when guests come to stay. There are several mattresses and covers to choose from, so you can create the look and level of comfort that best suits you and your home. Price: HKD1,250 (IKEA)


實用之選 VIMLE 三座位梳化連躺椅設計美 觀大方,躺椅底下備有儲物空間, 椅墊會自動停在開啟位置,方便拿 取或存放物品;客人可按需要將躺 椅安裝在梳化的左側或右側。售 價︰ HKD7,890 ( 宜家家居 ) || The VIMLE sofa series has sections that can be combined as you like into a customised solution for you and your home. As your life changes, you can complete the sofa and let it change with you. Price: HKD7,890 (IKEA)




 TRENTO 多功能時尚櫃子擁有大膽而簡約的時尚風 格。微黑和淡淡的灰色等精緻色彩賦予櫃子獨特的 個 性。 售 價 ︰ HKD10,990 (TRIBE by Indigo) || Go bold or go home with this contemporary yet kitschy display cabinet, which is part of the TRENTO collection from TRIBE by Indigo. Featuring sleek lines that make a bold yet minimalistic modern statement, the cabinet is available in dark root poplar, breeze black and a hint of grey, ensuring each piece embraces its own unique personality. Price: HKD10,990 (TRIBE by Indigo)




名為 Forever Blue Cabinet 的櫃子散發藝術氣息。藍色櫃在不銹鋼框架 上採用工匠繪製的花卉插圖,放置在任何位置也是賞心悅目。櫃子內部、 擱架和下面的抽屜擁有充裕的儲物空間,而且還配備優質木質頂面,可 讓人展示心愛的裝飾和旅行紀念品。售價︰ HKD16,990 (Indigo Living) || The hand-painted Forever Blue Cabinet features an artisan-painted subtle floral illustration on a stainless steel frame that lends itself effortlessly to any living room or dining room. The multi-purpose storage unit not only features generous interior storage options including shelving and a lower drawer, but it also features a large clean wooden surface where you can showcase your most impressive decorative and travel souvenirs. Price: HKD16,990 (Indigo Living)




Florian 櫃子看起來像是一件藝術品,而不是櫃子, 讓您的家居設計更添藝術品味。售價︰ HKD7,990 (TRIBE by Indigo) || Brighten up your day and life with the Florian cabinet that looks more like a piece of art than a cabinet. This unusual sideboard successfully channels the clean lines embraced by the abstracts of Piet Mondrian, creating a unique focal point in any room. Price: HKD7,990 (TRIBE by Indigo)




丹麥設計師二人組 Space Copenhagen 設計的 Tableau 茶几由深色大西洋石灰 岩製成,是 Fredericia 品牌對天然材料的 熱情和精湛工藝的體現。優雅的 Tableau 設計系列將圓潤頂部和 X 形底座完美結 合並令其產生協同作用。備有圓形、方 形 及 不 同 尺 寸 可 供 選 擇。 售 價 ︰ HKD 33,680 (Manks) || Elegant and understated yet clean and practical, the Tableau Coffee Table in dark Atlantico limestone by Danish design duo Space Copenhagen reflects a passion for natural materials and exquisite craftsmanship. The graceful Tableau collection in stone creates synergy with a soft round top and an X-shaped base. Available in different shapes and sizes. Price: HKD33,680 (Manks)




Calmo 三座位梳化由葡萄牙設計師Hugo Passos設計, 透過融合直線與彎曲的細節,散發出優雅感。經久耐用 是 Calmo 的 特 點, 它來自丹麥, 主要以簡約風格確保設計在經過歲月洗禮 後仍能保持舒適度,梳化軟墊可以翻轉使用以達至均衡的色澤。 售價 ︰ HKD 54,200 (Manks) || Designed by Portuguese designer Hugo Passos, Calmo exudes a sense of tranquillity, with straight lines converging with discrete and curved details in an understated expression of elegance. Crafted to last, the Danish-made Calmo ensures the utmost comfort for decades to come while its minimal design adds a casual feel to the formality of the sofa. The cushions can be flipped over for even patina. Available in a range of sizes and variants. Price: HKD54,200 (Manks)




Biblioteket,瑞典語中是圖書館的意思,是 Emma Olbers 為翻新後的斯德哥爾摩國家博物館中的公共圖書館設計的。 Biblioteket 採用精良手工編織的藏式結,由 50% 羊毛和 50% 天絲混合製成(天絲為可持續環保產物),融合了 Emma 舊圖書館的第一批草圖:頂部有三個拱門和三個大窗戶,中間是舊書架的一排書,底部是新鋪設的橡木鑲木地板。售 價︰ HKD 34,800 (Manks) || Biblioteket, which means library in Swedish, was designed by Emma Olbers for the public library in Stockholm’s newly-renovated National Museum. Made from a finely hand-knotted Tibetan fabric with 50% wool and a 50% sustainable eco-friendly Tencel mix, Biblioteket represents a mixture of the designer’s first sketches of the Old Library. The rug features three arches and three large windows at the top, rows of books on the old bookshelf in the middle, and the newly-laid oak parquet at the bottom. Price: HKD34,800 (Manks)




豆袋梳化面層採用具伸縮性、不易變形的彈性素材製成;內裡以微小顆粒作填充, 能根據人的體重及姿勢而貼服地承托身 體,無論靠坐或躺臥時也能感到同樣舒適。 售價︰ HKD980 ( 無印良品 ) || Embracing the understated, minimalist sense of quality for which Muji has become known, this bean cushion is stylish and practical. The surface is made of knitted fabric that does not easily deform, while the inner is filled with fine beads to bring cushioned support to your body. That’s why you can enjoy the same level of comfort no matter sitting or lying down on it. Price: HKD980 (Muji)




出自設計師 Jan Christian Delfs 手 筆 的 Little Bird,是一系列令人難以抗拒的家居 擺設。靈感源自設計師自身的家庭,分別 六個不同尺寸的小鳥代表著不同的家庭成 員。簡約而富有表現力的設計,在純潔、 抽 象、簡 約主義及可愛造型等各方面取得完美平衡。(Normann Copenhagen) || Little Bird is a range of irresistible decorative figures designed by designer Jan Christian Delfs. Inspired by his family, the six different sizes in the range each represent a particular character in the family. The simple, but expressive, design represents a well-balanced mix of purity, abstraction, minimalism and, not least, cuteness. (Normann Copenhagen)




Hyg 休閒椅系列的靈感來自丹麥「Hygge」的生活態度。「Hygge」指一切愉悅的感覺,包括安全、溫暖、舒適的意識, Simon Legald 的 Hyg 休閒椅系列正正為座上客帶來這些優質的體驗。流線形的線條,加上從後環抱式的設計,打造出 舒適的休息空間。(Normann Copenhagen) || Hyg is an exclusive lounge series inspired by the Danish concept of hygge, which is all about feeling good. Graced with an understated form that creates a sense of security, warmth and comfort, it is precisely these qualities that provide the template for Simon Legald’s Hyg lounge series. Soft lines and encircling contours create a cosy and pleasant space. Available in a wide range of colours and with two leg finishes. (Normann Copenhagen)




Allez 為 Normann Copenhagen 最 新 研 製 的 作 品,歷時數年的時間,製作出品牌首個以可裝 拆為原則的組件椅子,用上聚丙烯打造,同時適用於室內及室外,身於戶外坐上可輕巧移動 的 Allez 椅子,能夠享受片刻的寧靜。(Normann Copenhagen) || Normann Copenhagen’s latest collection was several years in the making and resulted in the brand’s first component-based chair, based on a knock-down principle and made in pure polypropylene for both indoor and outdoor use. The Allez chair invites you to take a break from your hectic urban lifestyle, where space is often limited and mobile design is key. (Normann Copenhagen)




 鼓是其他人圍繞它旋轉的樂器,Tambor 桌子也是如此, 圓形 是 代 表 歡 樂的象 徵。Tambor 由一 個巨 大的 漆 鋼 組 成 底 座, 無 論 是 Carrara 或 Marquina 大 理 石 檯 面, 均 彰 顯 非 凡 氣 度。(Archetypal) || The drum is the essential instrument around which others revolve, and so it is with the Tambor table, a round symbol of conviviality. The Tambor is composed of a single monumental lacquered steel base and either a Carrara or Marquina marble top. ( Archetypal)




 Loyalty 櫃子由木、黃銅和玻璃製成。設想為 Nika 的 「想像中的體育俱樂部」的展示櫃,這是一個展示著 名獎杯和個人成就的最佳地方,飾以帶有寶石般的 拋光黃銅手柄和支架座,高貴大方。(Archetypal) || In a dynamic interplay of materials and technology, the Loyalty Cabinet is crafted from wood, brass and glass. Conceived as a display case for what Nika calls an “imaginary sports club”, it’s a showcase for prestigious trophies and personal talismans, adorned with jewel-like polished brass handles and legs. ( Archetypal)




名為ORGANIC的咖啡桌上有著漂亮的黑色大理石紋理,展現出優雅的簡約美學,不論是休閒茶聚或是商務聚會也能彰顯獨特品味。售價︰HKD6,400(OVO)|| The ORGANIC coffee table displays elegance and simplicity, making it perfect for any casual setting or dining area. Features include a durable and resilient round table top finished in black marble and simple geometric gold-coloured iron legs. Price: HKD6,400 (OVO)




 CHEERS 芝 華 仕 MASON F-S10269M 兩座位電動雙彈鉸布藝梳化,其科技布表面經耐磨測試達 20 萬次以上,抗撕裂強度強,持久耐用;且具 有良好的耐酸、耐鹼性,面料容易清洗。售價︰ HKD8,599 ( 實惠家居 ) || Typically available only in black, brown or beige, this CHEERS MASON F-S10269M two-seater electric double elastic hinge fabric sofa has been designed in a special olive tone, adding a sombre sense of elegance to your home. The surface of the technical cloth has been extensively tested to ensure strong tear resistance and durability, while the wood imported from South America has been used to keep moisture content between 8%-12%, guaranteeing the wood will not crack or deform easily. Price: HKD8,599 (Pricerite)




 KATHLYN HARLRY 三座位梳化床既可做梳化也可做床,扶手兩側附有雜誌袋,可按需要 拆除扶手,扶手可放直或放平,可以訂造尺 寸,共四種顏色以供選擇。售價︰ HKD4,599 ( 實惠家居 ) || Clean and contemporary but with a distinct retro vibe, KATHLYN’s HARLRY threeseater fabric sofa bed is completely flexible thanks to movable armrests that can be positioned upright or laid out flat. There are also magazine pockets on both sides of the armrest, keeping your lounge free from clutter. The sofa is available in a choice of grey, khaki, light grey or pale blue. Price: HKD4,599 (Pricerite)




 來自 Magis 的 Custume Sofa 模塊化梳化採用環保物料製成,梳化面料可拆卸,便於清潔和更換。而這 模塊化系統是由單個單元組成,可因應需要輕易加長扶手。(TM Maison) || Made in Italy, the Costume sofa designed by Stefan Diez features a 4mm thin structure made from recycled and recyclable polyethylene. Available in three fabrics, the cover is fully removable thanks to the elastic loops hooked into the bottom. The modular system consists of a single unit that can be interlocked in various constellations or extended with armrests. (TM Maison)




名為 Audacious 櫃子,其特別之處是擁有 獨特的捲門在櫃子的邊緣滑動,讓客人選 擇想展示多少裝飾品。櫃子採用時尚的腎形 造型,堅固而穩定,增添了圓形元素。櫃子 的 製 作 重 點 是 材 料,Audacious 的 光 滑 邊 角柔化了它的輪廓,使其易於添加到房間中 甚至有限的空間。(TM Maison) || Designed by Jonas Søndergaard, the Audacious cabinet has personality and style, featuring special tambour doors that slide around the edge of the cabinet, allowing you to choose how much of the interior you want to show. Sturdy and strong with a stylish kidney shape, Audacious adds organic rounded elements to the clean lines and sharp corners often found in Nordic spaces. The cabinet is made with a focus on materials and has a visible plywood edge that highlights its wooden tones. (TM Maison)




 Bamba 是一件完美代表雕塑與平衡共生 的作品。由金屬板構成以及一個由一個 圓和兩個金屬棒組成的底座,表現出非 凡創意。(TM Maison) || Bamba perfectly represents the symbiosis of sculpture and balance. Formed by a metallic board and a base composed of a circle and two metal rods, this new auxiliary table evokes the shape of a “slashed O”, following the principles of the young Brazilian creator Pedro Paulo-Venzon. In order to give shape to both pieces, the creator was inspired on this occasion by the existing frontiers between the local and the global, between tradition and contemporaneity, between the industrial and the artistic. (TM Maison)




梳化物料是來自德國的皮革,於日本製造;而且備有擱腳凳、頭枕、咕𠱸可供選擇。售價︰ HKD39,980。(Tequila Kola) || Made from German top-grain leather, the three-seater MUNICH Greystone sofa from Tequila Kola oozes style and sophistication. Featuring clean lines and a low-profile form, this elegant couch is available in graphite grey or saffron brown, and can be complemented by the addition of a matching ottoman that can double as a coffee table. Price: HKD39,980 (Tequila Kola)




 三座位梳化設有非常舒適的座椅和咕𠱸,可拆卸的座墊和靠背提供靈活度,備有擱腳凳。售價︰ HKD19,980 (Tequila Kola) || Comfortable and unassuming yet bold and vivacious, the three-seater Marshmallow sofa also from Tequila Kola creates a sumptuous statement in any space. The couch features oversized stuffed lumbar and armrest cushions, with removable covers, making this easy to maintain. Again, the sofa is available with an optional ottoman. Price: HKD19,980 (Tequila Kola)




Glenn櫃子由芒果實木、大理石檯面及粉末塗層鋼組成。這個高櫃呈扁平橢圓形,儲物面由淺色的大理石製成,櫃身正面是深灰色,而側面由實木製成,具有波紋外觀,輕易在客廳中脫穎而出。售價︰ HKD25,980 (Tequila Kola) || Classy and serene, the tall Glenn cupboard features a flat oval shape that comes complete with an elegant marble top where you can showcase your favourite objets d’art. The body of the cabinet stands out from the average living room cupboard thanks to its dark grey front and sides made of solid wood. This piece radiates discreet noblesse and timeless elegance. Price: HKD25,980 (Tequila Kola)




Amando L 形梳化採用堅固的實心樺木框架,配以海綿作填充物,營造舒適時尚的座椅。其弧形靠背與黑色 金屬腳設計,形成鮮明對比,充分糅合現代與動感。配備的三個咕𠱸額外增添奢華魅力。而可拆卸的梳化套 亦方便乾洗替換。售價︰ HKD21,950 (TREE) || The Amando L-shape sofa is beautifully crafted with a sturdy solid birch wood frame and supportive foam cushioning, creating a stylish yet comfortable seat. The sofa features a gently curved back that elegantly contrasts with the dark, slimline steel legs, introducing a dynamic and contemporary look. Three additional small cushions add an extra comfy feel, while removable covers allow for convenient dry cleaning. Price: HKD21,950 (TREE)




 Lava 灰褐色圓形咖啡桌採用天然礦物及 彩色顏料手工製作而成,搭配金屬細節 及圖案仿效火山石中的細緻紋理,締造自 然獨特的觀感。售價︰ HKD5,750 (TREE) || TREE’s lava coffee table in taupe was handcrafted from natural mineral powder and colour pigments that have been blended together and paired with metal detailing. Hand-etched patterns on top are reminiscent of cracks in dried lava, giving way to a naturally unique piece with plenty of textural interest. Price: HKD5,750 (TREE)




 Whitebird 電視櫃具有兩個單門密封間隔及兩個抽屜,提供充裕空間用 以存放視聽組合,方便將遙控器、DVD 及其他雜物整齊收納,從此告別 凌亂。電視櫃後方兼具電線孔設計,可將紊亂的電線整齊收納。售價︰ HKD19,950 (TREE) || Also from TREE, the Whitebird TV cabinet features two single-shelved closed compartments – one flip-down door and one door – and two drawers that provide plenty of space for your DVD player, gaming console, remote controls and so much more. A convenient keyhole in the back of the chest ensures cables are neatly kept together. Price: HKD19,950 (TREE)




 Kelston 轉角組合梳化巧妙地與極簡的現代細節融合,營造時尚而永恆的感覺。經久耐用的梳化擁有寬敞的休 息區、寬闊的手臂和軟硬皆宜的墊子提供最佳舒適度,Kelston Corner 組合梳化可調整到各種角度和高度。 (Archetypal) || The Kelston Corner Sectional Sofa is smartly proportioned with minimal contemporary detailing, resulting in a sleek and timeless sofa that is built to last. Boasting large seating areas, wide arms and foam and feather cushions for optimum comfort, a unique feature of the Kelston Corner Sectional Sofa is the articulating headrests that can be adjusted to a variety of angles and heights or folded out of the way when not in use. This sofa is designed by awardwinning furniture designer Matthew Hilton. (Archetypal)




 如果時常用灰色,米色梳化,會否覺得了無趣味? Bromley Sofa 加入少許黃色點綴,而黃色更是 2021 的年度顏色,象徵着美好的希望,令家居煥然一新。售價︰由 HKD5,680 – 9,080。(Unica Interior Ltd.) || Bright and colourful, the Bromley Sofa offers a full range of upholstered pieces in various sizes and styles to meet your needs. And with a choice of more than 50 fabric colours, the styling options are limitless, ensuring you can find the perfect piece for your room. Price: HKD5,680 – 9,080 (Unica Interior Ltd.)




來自馬來西亞的 Norga 電視櫃子設計簡約、 大方、實用,輕易襯托任何風格的家居,並擁有足夠的儲物空間,讓您盡情收納、告別凌亂家居。售價︰ HKD3,880 (Unica Interior Ltd.) || The Norga TV Cabinet features an ash veneer MDF body and white powder-coated drawers, while the legs are made from solid rubber wood. The drawers provide plenty of space for you to hide your AV equipment, keeping your space neat, tidy and free from clutter. Price: HKD3,880 (Unica Interior Ltd.)




ARGO sofa採用意大利皮革和金屬框架製成,其流線型設計配有豪華彈簧座椅,為客人帶來奢華的舒適感外,更能展示用家的超卓品味。售 價︰ HKD34,300 ( 梳 化 ), HKD7,700 ( 擱 腳 椅 ) (OVO) || Crafted from Italian leather and featuring a metal frame, the Argo three-seater sofa features a streamlined design with luxury spring seats to provide an ultra-comfortable place to sit. Grand in size and scale with luxurious feather filled deep seats, and loose cushions filled with high resilient foam and feather, the sofa encapsulates comfort and luxury and is sure to stand the test of time. The stylish, ergonomic design provides optimal comfort while sturdy black metal legs provide support, proudly displaying the beauty of contemporary lines. Price: sofa HKD34,300, ottoman HKD7,700 (OVO)

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